How reliable are maid service agencies?

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Have you ever thought that the maid service agency may not be reliable, but you should still depend on them as there is no option left. Finding a maid or a home care provider in metro cities like Mumbai is a challenging task. The challenge of finding the best maid agency in Mumbai is always tough, so approaching a maid service agency is an ideal choice as they minimize your effort by making all the necessary verification and can offer reliable maids.

Here are some points you should remember while approaching a maid service agency.


Credibility Reliability: Some of the questions that may occur to your mind are – How reliable is the Agency that you are approaching? Will the agency assure you get a trusted Maid? Can the maid service agency make sure a safe recruit? Is it likely that the Maid Service Agents may share the past reviews and feedback of the Maid who you like to hire? Would the firm be there to assist you if you come across any problem with the maid?

Transparency Issues: Will the agency be completely transparent in its all procedures? Will the agency people share all the information of the Maid in complete transparency?

How the agency treat the Maids? Does the Agency treat their Maids with respect? Are they being treated as Working Professionals? How are the maids connected with the agency people?

Uncertain financial transactions: Would the Agency disclose the actual amount of salary to the Maid? Sometimes we hear stories about the agencies that charge excessive money from the clients but pay the Maids in peanuts.

The reliability of the Maids: It is very common to be worried about the Maid’s reliability. As the Maid is going to spend a major part of the time with your children, family, elders for a reasonable period and will be able to access the whole house, it is significant that the person is from a trusted source and is reliable enough. Maid service agency makes complete verification about her background.

These above concerns are always there before and after hiring a Maid, but hiring a maid from a trusted agency is always safer than employing a maid from an unknown source.