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The bond market has benefited since the region will be improving the macroeconomic climate that is supported through the various pro-growth factors.


In spite of the recession, the developed countries were affected, and financial policies have been used to handle the subprime crisis. The main reason of choosing the topic was due to global recession on these developed economies. The recession was caused by high level of debts, low potential growth and higher unemployment rates that still continue to affect the developed economies (Boyle, 2003). The monetary and fiscal policies have been adopted to mitigate against the blow of the recession for high growth rates to be achieved. I have learned that banks need to control the habits of lending money to the public. One can learn the factors that can contribute to the change in the economy. The affected economies were able to overcome the recession through implementation of set financial and fiscal policies. One can also learn that developed economies can be affected by recession even though they have experienced economist.

Gulf Marketing Review

The purpose of a business is to make profit and reduce the cost that the company can incur while carrying out the daily function of the job. An Islamic wholesale bank made $4 million compared to the loss they incurred in 2012. This was a major come back for the bank because of the increased competition and low lending rates. The bank was able to come back through income gain by acquisition from sales of the assets, fees, improved operating effectiveness, and income of investment securities. In a way, one will see that banks can bounce back with the proper management strategies. The revenue that was collected was because of the proper planning by the management. The Islamic bank made profits through the hard work of the team. Motivation is the key to successful management because the team will at ease know what they will achieve. One can note that through persistence and hard work an institution can bounce back even when making losses. The chairman of the bank assured there will be sustainable development in the years to come since the balance sheet was the proof for the bank.

Arabian Business

There is a position that is been advertised for a dynamic media group, which is seeking for talent. In a way, the institution will be able to come up with candidates who are pro-efficient in the vacant field. A person who is willing to grow in the media industry will be able to learn more as the media industry continues to change. Equal opportunities are given to job seeker so that the institution can attain the correct people for the job position. ITP has a successful track record and is leading in the market business resulting to the best career prospects to the wealth of the individual. One requires having skills, energy and ambition to successful take the position that is advertised in the company. This can be the breaking point for someone who wants to grow in the media industry and fulfill the goals of their career.

Business Benchmark Middle East

The Business Benchmark Middle East can be used as the vehicle for airing the concerns of the people. The infrastructural and societal issues that are affecting the people can be monitored through this website (Nash, 1998). People can come online to read the articles of how people are suffering in their governments. The issues of absence of water to drink and poverty can be aired without people thinking about the consequences of the actions. The plight of the citizens can be heard through the dedication of people in this institution (Boyle, 2003). The Business Benchmark Middle East can reveal the challenges that people undergo and making the readers post their views on the related issues. This will be a good way to engage with the public and understanding from their view point. The readers will be able to seek current news about various places, people and technology. This will be an eye opener to many readers because they can acquire information and at the same time seek information. This is an effective way to reveal current news that affect people in a negative or positive way.

CEO Middle East

This website delivers the strategic insights and analysis for the (CEO) Chief Executive Officers in the Middle East. The readers are able to understand and know more about their leaders. One will have the knowledge to understand the types of business that will make sure they have high profits and increased revenues. For those who need knowledge about the market this will be the best place to acquire the in-depth knowledge about the market (Boyle, 2003). Each column will impact people differently since one will read the article they understand best. This will motivate people to have role models and increase their understanding on the paths to success. One will always seek to follow the CEO they relate to and know more about them. The readers escape from the world of work through recent lifestyle information about the CEO of the region. The readers will also have ample time to reflect on the knowledge provided for them and seek to know the truth. CEO Middle East will provide information sufficient and reliant making it transparent to the readers. One can capitalize with the latest developments in the markets to make wise investment decisions.

GlassPoint to Expand Its Presence in Kuwait

There is a need to improve and adopt new forms of energy that will reduce the rate of pollution. This will reduce the rate of global warming, which will affect the climate. A new office will be introduced in Kuwait and Abdul Hussain was appointed the Chairman. This shows the improvement the country has taken in order to make sure that there is an alternate power supply in the country (Nash, 1998). The citizens are able to depend on the solar power when in their households because it is an effective and cheap source of energy. It will be easy to implement the infrastructure since Kuwait has funds from the heavy oil production. This will help the country to play the big role to achieve the goal of production through reduction of dependence and reduce the costs of fuel.

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