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Simply put, the best travel shoes make for more comfortable journeys. Don't get stuck in security, with your flight already boarding, while spending precious minutes trying to remove complicated footwear. When Kim Kardashian stepped out in her all-black, face-covering Balenciaga bodysuit at the Met gala last month, it was the look heard round Golden Goose Sale the world. And after it was tweeted, memed, and debated across the internet with record speed, I was intrigued.

My generation grew up with social media, but I don't post my personal life there. I wrote an op-ed about my experiences for British Vogue a couple of years ago highlighting the issue, she says, noting that while she's seen the fashion world's clothing sizing has become more inclusive, footwear is moving slowly.

She's way cooler than I am, and I'm so excited to see how she evolves. As a kid, I was very much like her, so expressive with fashion. You are home. Even if your city is not under quarantine, you are being urged to stay in the house or, if you are going out, to literally keep your distance.

It was a deeply moving musical performance of epic proportions, punctuated by designs that celebrated Black women in music across generations and genres. Models wore diva-appropriate bolero jackets, wide-leg pants, ethereal gowns, and looks laced with rhinestone detailing; some of the pieces also included prints featuring original artwork by the wrongly accused and incarcerated Richard Phillips.

This is not the first time Burda and Pallais have collaborated; for the past six years, the two have worked on their joint partnership, RAC Random Acts of Creativity, which specializes in consulting with artists and designers and curating pop-ups, featuring artisan-made and quality crafted goods to connect like-minded communities and shoppers together. Past collaborators have included First Lady, Jill Biden's favorite label, Markarian and Land of Belle.