New World hosts a Wheel of Time event to celebrate Christmas

New World hosts a Wheel of Time event to celebrate Christmas


According to the New World website, New World is conducting the first cross-activity with other major fantasy properties of Amazon. It is the Wheel of Time Amazon Prime series, which will allow players to obtain some digital show-themed clothing and items.

New World is now in the middle of the Winter Fusion Festival event, which will last until January 11th. It includes seasonal tasks, gifts that need to be restored and delivered, new resources to be collected, and the Winter Soldier who is waging a war. The new enemy creates an "eternal winter". They may also stay after the Cheap New World Coins festival.

As part of the event, Amazon has confirmed the intersection between the New World and the Wheel of Time fantasy world. This will take the form of Twitch Drops, which will coincide with the last episode of the series on December 23, and will run until the end of the holiday on January 11. These drops will include coats, cloaks, blades, and a company crest.

To get this content, players must watch the New World Twitch live stream from December 23rd at 9pm PST/December 24th at 5am GMT. Players must watch the 7-hour streaming media before 12 am PST/8 am GMT on January 12 to get the full show.

All of this is in line with the Amazon Wheel of Time series, which will have its first season finale at the beginning of the New World Coins crossover on December 24. Whether these Wheel of Time items will become the best equipment in New World remains to be seen. If the player lacks New World Coins to purchase powerful equipment, then the player first spends a little money to buy cheap New World Gold from NewWorldCoins is a correct choice.