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When confronted with these, Kou Yu usually said: "the theory must stick to the finish, must not allow the dignity from the Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online law end up being trampled upon, must not allow the sweat associated with comrades within vain! inches

Once, Kou Yu's comrade-in-arms with regard to illegal product sales of smokes was frequently fined, searching for his assist. He moved from the law repeatedly to spellout to their comrades, the comrades when confronted with a directly face in order to angry stated: "How have you got no human being feelings?! inches Kou Yu smoothly told their comrades: "When it involves human emotions, let's discuss human emotions. If this particular fine is actually difficult for you personally, I can pay for a person. Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online But Cigarettes Hot Sale the underside line from the law we are able to not contact ah, this is in charge of you, but additionally responsible for my very own! "

Via this issue, comrades to understand Kou Yu, also realize their very own mistakes, truthfully pay the actual fine.

Kou Yu, the faithful guardian from the tobacco monopoly program, is an organisation practitioner. He's grateful as well as takes the actual initiative to guard the balance and order from the tobacco marketplace silently as well as faithfully, defend the actual interests from the country as well as consumers along with firm belief, and exercise the almost holy duty of the tobacco monopoly police force officer along with practical measures.