How to build a powerful remote DPS building in New World

How to build a powerful remote DPS building in New World


New World is a brand new MMORPG from Amazon Games, which brings adventurers to the supernatural island of Aeternum, where players will be able to experience fighting, foraging and forging. New World abandons the traditional MMO race and rank system. In order to customize character construction in a specific RPG New World Coins direction, adventurers will need to participate in specific activities. For example, players can set up a long-range DPS character by promising to use and upgrade their long-range weapons. Long-range damage has an advantage in New World and will help the team overcome difficult challenges in dungeons and PvP content.

Players can choose to build a more defensive character by choosing the appropriate weapon, which can be constructed as a tank functionally. By using specific weapon types in battle, the character strength of these weapons will be improved, and there will be more choices in terms of passive and maneuverability.

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New World does not have a clearly defined occupation, but the skill tree of the game does tend to follow a familiar route. This distinction between build and prototype exists in a wide range of MMOs and ARPGs. In a highly fantasy world, long-range construction tends to focus on bow or crossbow construction. New World's best remote construction uses traditional bows and axes.

Although New World allows players to use throwing axes and long-barreled muskets as long-range damage output New World Coins characters, the best long-range construction is still centered on traditional bows and arrows. In terms of attribute distribution, it is best to invest a lot of money in strength and agility. Archer construction usually superimposes agility, because it is usually associated with smooth movement speed and military strength.

If the remote DPS player really wants to try to enter the axe tree, then the near-death prevention passive in the Berserker tree should be effective and powerful. Of course, the Berserker mode named after the skill tree should also perform well because of the increased attack damage and the ability to remove group control effects. In this process, players will need to consume a large amount of New World Coins. For those players who don't have much time to play games, this is not a small number. Therefore I recommend NewWorldCoins to you, where you can buy cheap New World Coins.