WoW TBC Classic allows groups to register on the battlefield again

WoW TBC Classic allows groups to register on the battlefield again


After two rounds of testing, Blizzard developers finally launched the option of fighting their own factions on the battlefield. This means that the waiting time for the excess part is significantly reduced. But at the same time, the restriction also returns to allowing TBC Classic Gold players in groups of up to five to register on the PvP battlefield. According to Blizzard, for soloists, there will be no chance of being wiped out by regular or server groups, which is too frustrating.

Even so, the person in charge announced that this measure may only be temporary. The community manager Kaivax stated on the official WoW forum that the entire team can be registered on the battlefield again starting Wednesday. However, the matching system will then attempt to dispatch these battlefield groups to fight against other teams of similar size.

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As the Burning Crusade Classic server restarts next week, all "organized" groups will be able to register on the battlefield again. After this patch, players in one group will primarily compete with other similar-sized groups, and matchmaking will allow teams of 6 or more players to compete with at least one rival group of 6 or more players.

If the number of players in your raid group is less than the maximum number of players on the battlefield, the player assignment will automatically Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold fill your page with other groups or a single player. If there is no large organized group in the queue, a group of 5 or fewer players will be opposed to other groups of 5 or fewer players.

It is worth noting that registration alone or as a group does not guarantee that the opposing team will not include a large organized group. If players want their team to achieve better performance, it is very necessary to buy TBC Classic Gold as long-term support. The staff of MMOWTS are always paying attention to the product market to ensure that you can buy WOW TBC Gold at a low price.