An Intimate Micro-Wedding Planned In Three Weeks

Please meet IT account executive and security officer Mohamed, who wed on 19 September 2020 in London.


The couple was built with a whirlwind love story, meeting in January 2020, getting engaged in July, and marrying in September. Farah and Mohamed craved a little and intimate wedding and planned their modern boho, intimate wedding in only three weeks.

"We had both been married before and both had large weddings. Covid would be a perfect excuse to aid our wish to have a little intimate wedding. We mainly had guests from abroad and desired to surprise all of them with something different."

"2020 was our year. We met in January, got engaged in July, and tied the knot in September. We met online through cultural recommendation and te instantly matched."

The bride found her feel times wedding gown.

"I wanted a really simple but chic ball gown wedding dress. The dress I found was white, a little shiny with stiff material, and was just an ideal fit."

She wore simple pearl jewelry which matched the pearls scattered over her long, sheer veil.

"My hubby bought his suit at Armani coupled with all his fitting done at Ingrida's boutique too. He wore all-white trainers which added a contemporary touch."

The bride traveled towards the ceremony venue together with her parents inside a black cab, before greeting Mohamed with a gorgeous 'first look'. I love how photographer Lauren has captured the feeling of joy on his face. Inside, they wed, framed through the gorgeous gold frame and flowers.

"Vows aren't part of our culture, but I still desired to include a toast. After my hubby thanked our guests, I was built with a surprise for him which was magic thanks to the help in our planner. I had framed an image of my hubby's late mother and hid it behind a curtain."

"While I was expressing my like to him I wanted him to believe she was somehow around, and I let you know that everybody cried. He, family and friends, as well as our suppliers. That was probably the most emotional moment in our day."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"My words of wisdom with other couples particularly in these times: I love that in English you've two words; marriage and wedding. Do not forget that a marriage is just one night along with marriage is a lifetime. Don't argue over little details, compromise, delegate, accept the assistance. Enjoy every second, don't stress on your day, show up and be happy."

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